How to Kick-Start Your Content Marketing: A Seven-Step Approach

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Like all marketing efforts, the goal of content marketing is to turn prospects into customers and build more loyal and relevant relationships with existing customers. But content marketing is a more subtle approach than other, more traditional, marketing efforts. While the ultimate goal is to drive increased revenue for companies, content marketing is more focused on delivering information and advice that enrich people’s lives.7-steps-content-marketing-ebook

The formula for success is simple: provide people the information they want, when they want it, and where they want it. Yet, in reality, following this formula can be difficult and complex. To be successful at content marketing, businesses must transform themselves into publishers and develop the processes, technology, and people to deliver highly relevant content at scale.

This ebook outlines a seven-step approach that any organization can use to develop or re-energize a successful content marketing strategy and program. You will get valuable insights from 21 experts and influencers with extensive expertise in content marketing, search engine optimization, and social marketing.