8 Digital Content Creation Mistakes–and How to Avoid Them

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As the leading content production platform, Skyword knows a thing or two about the best approaches to digital content creation. In today’s online world, it’s crucial to create compelling, quality content that search engines will find and readers can easily share across social networking channels. We also know that effective content production is often easier said than done, because it involves more than just producing content–it’s also necessary to continually analyze the reach and success of your content’s performance.

With so many aspects of a successful content marketing strategy to juggle, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and make mistakes. But that’s why Skyword is here: to help you avoid the following content marketing mistakes. The screenshots below come from Skyword’s platform and will give you an idea of how we can help you streamline and optimize your content production strategies.

1. Not Enough Quality Content

Even the smallest local brands today understand the importance of having a social media presence. However, sometimes their devotion to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is all in vain because they don’t have the content to back up their reach. You can tweet all you want, but if customers go to your website and there’s nothing there, they won’t be interested, and they’ll move on to your competitor’s site. If the goal of marketing is to attract, retain, and convert customers, you have to create a significant amount of quality content. The web is drowning in useless, uninteresting, poorly written content, and you want to make your company stand out. When a Facebook post by an advertiser has a shelf life that is “fresh” for an average of only 18 hours, it’s imperative to make the content that you post count. That helps your social networking strategy, and Google ranks newer, shared content higher, benefiting your search strategy as well.

Here at Skyword, we have a wonderful team of content strategists who are masters of keyword management. One of the keys to a successful SEO strategy is understanding KEI, which, apart from being my initials, stands for “Keyword Effectiveness Index.” An automated tool included in the Skyword Platform can find keywords for you using KEI to specifically target keywords that are commonly searched for but have low competition. This will increase your chances of getting that click when you write content featuring those keywords. Our expert team can teach you how it works and how to find the best keywords for your content. When you produce optimized, quality content, your customers will have a much better chance of finding you–and sticking with you.

2. Inconsistent Content

You would be surprised at how many sites feature content that doesn’t deliver on its promises, whether it is through failure to align with the website itself or a disconnect between what a customer searched for and what is delivered when he or she clicks on the content. Too many companies fall prey to the idea that simply having any sort of content on their site is enough–having content for content’s sake only is a recipe for failure. You want to deliver the kind of content that your customer is looking for and expecting. Confusing or disappointing them with misleading content will not create a positive impression of your brand.

It can also be tricky, especially for smaller companies, to develop a consistent schedule of content production. If your writers are in-house, they may get busy with other projects, and if no one is paying attention, you could go far too long without producing content that will help sustain your business growth. The Skyword Platform now has an editorial calendar feature, which will make it easier to visualize and coordinate your production schedule. Even without this exciting feature, the Skyword Platform allows you to consolidate and track your content production, helping ensure that you are consistently producing quality content to retain and grow your client base.

3. Forgetting Your Social Network

One of the biggest marketing mistakes today is ignoring the power of social media. Over 1 billion people in the world are on Facebook. One billion. If you are ignoring the marketing potential there, you might soon find yourself out of business. And I’m not talking about the paid Facebook ads of dubious effectiveness–I’m talking about your clients sharing your content over their networks. Once you have quality content on your website that is easy to link to and share via your social media channels, you’ll have your marketing bases covered.

Plus, the ever-changing Google algorithms are now increasingly rewarding content that has been extensively shared, improving your rankings in organic search. Content marketing is the way of the future, replacing traditional advertising as we’ve known it in the past with more tailored ways of reaching customers in the online world.

4. Content Without Photos

Content without photos or other interactive materials is less engaging. No one likes staring at a big chunk of text on a computer screen, even if it’s the most compelling text in the world, without relevant photos and other content to keep things interesting. The Skyword Platform makes it easy to upload photos and other multimedia options directly into your content, keeping your customers engaged and entertained.

5. Not Tracking and Analyzing Content

It is essential to track and analyze your content once you put it out into the world. There is no point in having the best digital content creation strategy if you’re just going to hope for the best once your content is out there. How will you know how many people you are reaching via your social networking? How will you know where you rank in the top search engines? The Skyword Platform streamlines your content analytics, tracking the reach of your content via clicks and social sharing, so you can continually optimize your strategy.

6. Limited Content by Limited Writers

If you’re running a small team, you might be wondering how you’re going to produce the kind of high-quality content, in sufficient quantities, that attracts customers. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a good writing team, it can be hard to ensure that they have the time and varied expertise to produce all the content that your customers are looking for.

Skyword’s writer marketplace is full of thousands of talented, expert Skywriters and enables you to search for people who can produce the exact kind of quality content you need to attract your clients. If your team can’t handle it all in-house (and Skyword can help even if they can), the Skywriter pool is a great resource to produce higher quantities of varied, quality content. Plus, Skyword will handle all writer payments and taxes, saving your team valuable time.

7. Being Boring and Wasting Time

Your content needs to get to the point and stay focused on your content goals, informing and entertaining your customers without talking about yourself too much. If your brand is, for example, a soda company, your customers probably aren’t going to come to your website to read articles about the soda itself. They want entertainment, promotions, content about their favorite celebrities–something that makes them associate your soda brand with a fun experience, not just a product. Don’t waste time on content that does not satisfy your customers’ needs and wants.

8. No SEO

One of the absolute best features of the Skyword Platform is the Article Scorecard function.

Instead of guessing where your keywords should go in your content and hoping that you’re writing for your audience in a way that will resonate with them, the Scorecard acts as a preliminary editor and SEO expert rolled into one. The platform will check your spelling and grammar, assess the readability level of your content, ensure that your keyword is being used the right amount of times and in the right places, and check that the length of the article is appropriate. Also, our platform is customizable to ask questions in the Content Checklist that ensure that your writers are focusing on your particular concerns, such as requiring a certain number of links or photos, number of words, etc. This helps guarantee that your content is top-notch and your SEO is fully in place to get your content to the top.

Intrigued? Contact us today to learn more about how Skyword could be the solution to your unique content marketing needs.

Katie Ingegneri is Skyword’s Creative Communications Specialist, a wearer of many digital hats on the Sales and Marketing teams. A writer, editor, and Massachusetts native, she holds an MFA from Naropa University and a BA from McGill University. The Internet is one of her favorite things.

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