The Digital Agency of the Future: A Report on Innovation at the Top Digital Marketing Agencies

Skyword's Digital Agency of the Future Report

We are excited to announce the release of Skyword’s Digital Agency of the Future report along with an infographic that recaps the report’s major themes. You can download the agency report and infographic here.

The idea for the report originated through witnessing the tremendous innovation occurring across various best-of-breed agencies partnered with Skyword. Search agencies, social agencies, public relations agencies, and large digital agencies of record are all innovating in order to grow and prosper alongside the mind-blowing growth of both digital audiences and channels through which to reach them.

The report findings are based on interviews with senior leaders at 15 top digital marketing agencies. The Digital Agency of the Future report encapsulates the major shifts occurring at agencies and is supplemented with key insights from individual interviews.

Indeed, the change in consumer behavior is creating new challenges for digital marketers at agencies. Agency strategy, operations, talent, and technology are all adapting to capture the associated business opportunity. Read the report to learn how the best in the business are preparing for the future! Feel free to join the conversation over the report and its findings using the hashtag #FutureAgency.

Here is some of what is covered in the 21-page report:

Strategy: Embrace the Converged Media Model

Consumer audiences are increasingly difficult to reach, and increasing demand for content across channels poses a systemic challenge for agencies seeking to create and distribute branded content.

Operations: Build a Customer-Centric Organization

Here, we present an overview of the delivery model, capabilities, and service offerings that agencies will need to provide in order to compete in the future.

New Talent: Strategy, Community, Content, and Analytics

This section explores the new skills and talents needed to provide clients with integrated marketing services based on audience insights.

Technology: Tech Stack for Marketing Insights and Workflow Efficiency

We offer insights on the technology that will enable agencies to provide clients with scalable content marketing and production.

The Content Opportunity: Cultivate New Markets and Revenue Streams

Building new content marketing services will be crucial for all agencies to ensure they remain both relevant and profitable.

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