Three Reasons Every Financial Services Company Needs a Content Marketing Plan


One thing I love about being a content strategist at Skyword is having the privilege to work with many different clients who are leaders in their industry. Advising clients in industries from CPG to B2B is something I find extremely fulfilling and fun, even though it means I have less time at home to manage my personal investment portfolio.

Ever since I was very young, I’ve loved to manage, manipulate, and multiply money through investing, and that love has only grown as I’ve spent more time learning the ins and outs of the trade. I’ve taken that love and applied it to my career, and in a former position, I advised some of the largest online investment providers on the best ways to market to prospects, acquire new customers, and keep their current clients satisfied. One thing I learned during that time is that consumers do not wake up one morning with a pressing need to switch investment providers or banks; they are constantly window shopping for a new service provider. Here are three reasons why this mindset lends itself perfectly to a content marketing strategy.

1. Information empowers. Today’s modern investor does not wait for directions from a financial advisor. Instead, many investors are taking more of a do-it-yourself approach to their money. These investors want to learn everything they can about every strategy in existence, and if you are not giving it to them, they will likely visit a competitor who will. You need to give your clients and prospective clients the information they seek.

2. Financial headlines are an everyday occurrence. If you’ve ever turned on the news at night, you know that your favorite anchor always spends time discussing the news that impacted the financial markets. If this news is interesting (or may be impacting their portfolio), a viewer is likely to search for more information. Having an opinion on newsworthy events makes a financial services company a thought leader in the space and could be an easy way to build trust with clients and become a part of a prospect’s consideration list.

3. Dated information is worse than no information at all. The financial service industry is constantly evolving. You owe it to your clients and your prospective clients to give them the information they need to know and help them understand what it means for them.

If you are not currently implementing a formal content marketing strategy, we should talk. As the leader in content marketing, Skyword can offer any financial services company the tools and services they need to put these practices into place. So, the next time you hear market-moving news, be sure to think about how many others out there are searching for more information on the same event.

Joe Breed is a content strategist at Skyword. In his spare time, Joe enjoys being a tech addict, reading epic fantasy novels and The Wall Street Journal, seeing theater productions, scuba diving, watching movies and good television, and rooting for all Boston sports teams. Joe is also always paying attention to the financial markets, where he is constantly trying to improve his equity trading skills, especially by leveraging new options strategies.

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