Tips for a Content Strategist: Create Branded Content

I am willing to put money on the assumption that most people have a passion in life. Maybe it’s the new condo you bought or the organization where you volunteer. It could even be branded content (dare I say), but maybe that’s a stretch? For me, that passion has anything and everything to do with interior design. Now, I don’t expect you to have the same passion as I do (though we should be friends if you do), but I think that you probably understand what it feels like to be passionate about something.

Let’s make believe that you just inherited a company that lives, eats, and breathes your passion. Naturally, you want to create content for your company, but not any kind of content–branded content. How do you accomplish this? Allow me to introduce you to Skyword.

Content Strategists work extremely hard to publish content that is closely aligned with their clients’ messaging. If a piece of content is not aligned with the brand, it “creates a mutation–like a tumor–that can infect a brand’s very foundation,” says Kevin Bailey, VP of Strategy at Slingshot SEO. Skyword creates brand-aligned content for its clients that reaches and engages their customers through natural search and the social web.

Here are a few best practices that Skyword follows to make sure Content Strategists maintain their clients’ messaging in each piece of content.

Content Guidelines Are Your Friend

It’s important to provide writers with content guidelines that mirror your clients’ messaging, style guide, and overall tone. Writers who create content for Skyword (Skywriters) are presented with a brand’s content guidelines. These guidelines evolve over time but serve as the footprint for writers to read and master. The guidelines are designed to educate and train writers so that they come to know a brand intimately. This ensures that all content is brand-aligned.

Know Your Brand Better Than Your Significant Other

Okay, not really, but as a fellow Content Strategist, I make sure that I learn as much as I can about my clients. It makes my job that much easier, allowing me to make sure Skywriters create brand-aligned content that is optimized for search. If I have a clear view of my clients’ expectations for their content, it’s that much easier for me to help writers.

The Perfect Piece of Content Makes for a Happy Client

Before I send a piece of content to a client, I ask myself the following: If I owned this company, would I want this on my website? If the answer is no, I don’t send the article. Clients aren’t going to complain about quality content; they’re going to ask for more. I can’t emphasize enough how important quality is–it must always be maintained.

Share Your Client’s Passion

You’re not always going to share your client’s passion, but I would urge you to challenge yourself by pretending for a moment that you own that brand. Like I said earlier, I don’t expect that you share my passion for interior design, but I would expect that you would create content that is perfectly aligned with my brand.

There are a slew of ways in which creating brand-aligned content can go wrong, and all it takes to make a bad impression is one piece of misaligned content. Skyword makes sure that each brand’s content has a healthy sprinkling of passion throughout (minus the tumors).

Courtney Ryan is an HGTV lover who considers painting a room over the weekend fun. She is a Content Strategist at Skyword.

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