Skyword Team Q&A: The Writer Services Team Shares Essential Info for Freelance Writers

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The Skyword Team Q&A series continues, this time with a key team member who works with our writers. Writer Recruitment Manager Grace Pasciullo shares valuable information that any freelance writer who wants to apply to Skyword will want to know. Find out what qualities she looks for in an applicant, what she thinks is a big misconception about freelance writing, and how much Skyword pays its freelance writers.

What is the main objective of the Writer Services team? As the Writer Recruitment Manager, how do you help the team achieve its goals?

The main objective of the Writer Services team is to make Skyword a writer’s favorite place to write online. We want writers to love writing on Skyword and to recommend it to their friends! As the Writer Recruitment Manager, I make sure that the recruitment team reviews and makes a decision on applications in a timely manner. This way, writers are alerted quickly when they’ve been accepted into a program so they can begin writing and earning. More, we provide freelancers with writer resources on our homepage to help them adapt to blogging for clients.

What are the top three qualities you look for in a candidate applying to become a Skywriter? How can he or she stand out among the pack?

First and foremost is quality writing. Skyword’s editorial platform and editors are magical, but they need to start with a foundation of quality writing. When writers submit a writing sample to Skyword, they should make sure that they proofread it before submitting it.

Second to quality writing is providing us with relevant information about their background and qualifications. One thing we look for when reviewing applications is if a writer has work experience or a degree in a specific field that’s relevant to the program they’re applying to.

Lastly, enthusiasm for the topic to which they’re applying. We read so many applications that it’s exciting to read an application by a writer who is enthusiastic about the topic. This can really make you stand out from the pack.

What’s the biggest misconception about finding freelance writing work?

I think the biggest misconception about finding freelance writing work is that it won’t pay well or that payments aren’t guaranteed. At Skyword, we believe quality is key and we know that you have to pay for it, so we work with our clients to offer fair and competitive payments. We know that keeping track of invoices and billing clients can be chaotic; on the Skyword platform, we keep track of everything for you. We also guarantee twice-monthly payments on a schedule so writers know exactly how much they’re receiving, and when.

Are there any misconceptions about writing for Skyword?

I think Skyword is transparent. Any misconceptions a writer has can easily be alleviated with a quick chat on Live Help or a tweet to @SkywordSupport or @Skywriting.

What are the most common questions that you get from writers who are considering applying to Skword? How do you answer those questions?

The most common question we receive is how much a program pays. Payment varies by program type, topic, and expertise. All this information can be seen on the program application page. Another popular question relates to how long it takes us to review an article. Our answer is that it depends. Different programs require different guidelines and standards; some articles are more complex and take a bit longer to review. Evergreen articles are generally reviewed within two weeks; news articles are reviewed within 36 hours. If a writer ever has a question about Skyword’s application process, he or she should feel free to email me at or tweet the Writer Recruitment team @Skywriting. If there is a question about Skyword in general, @SkywordSupport can handle your inquiry.

Do you do any writing in your spare time?

I dabble in blogging and journaling. I’m very active, so when I’m not at my desk, I’m usually running around or climbing some mountain, which leaves little time for writing.

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