SkySearch: A Closer Look at Online Writing Opportunities

Tips for Skywriters

It took me approximately three weeks and four test runs to come up with a standard elevator pitch for The Skyword Platform that I could rattle off if asked what we do at a networking event.

Here’s what I would tell you while juggling my drink, business cards, and plate of assorted appetizers:

“Say you’re a company that sells products on a website. Your customers come to you to make purchases, but they leave as soon as the transaction is complete. What if you provided them with valuable advice and instructions about how to use your products, or tips for improving their day-to-day lives? What if that information was provided by experienced writers coached on your brand voice, and optimized for search?”

Serving media, brands, and agencies on the one hand and freelance writers on the other (not to mention explaining this to strangers in under a minute) can be tricky, but each piece is equally crucial to Skyword’s success. Without strong writers we couldn’t provide the compelling content clients need to market themselves, and without quality clients we wouldn’t have stellar freelance assignments to offer our writers.

To benefit both sides, we’re unveiling Skyword for Agencies. Now it will be easier than ever for media companies, brands, and agencies to sort our talented writer pool by filters such as topic expertise, location, and social media experience through a new function called SkySearch. Companies will be able to find exactly the right voice for their audience, and writers will receive exclusive invitations to participate in programs that match their interests and expand their portfolios.

I’m so pleased we’re able to offer our writers this additional chance to get noticed by major brands as we continue our ongoing efforts to make Skyword the best place to find online writing opportunities.

Juliana Casale is part of the Writer Recruitment team and could not be more excited about the unveiling of SkySearch. You can read her tweets about the new upgrade @Skywriting.

  • markjelliott

    Change is good. I’m looking forward to the opportunities, and hoping there will be many.

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