AOL Hires Associated Content Founder Luke Beatty

AOL has hired Luke Beatty, founder of Associated Content.

Content marketing looks to be high on AOL’s agenda, with the company appointing Associated Content founder Luke Beatty as Head of Strategic Partnerships. In his new role, Beatty will work across a range of departments, including AOL’s advertising and content teams, in an effort to help the company deliver better products and services.

Although AOL hasn’t released any specific details of the projects Beatty will be working on, his track record suggests user-generated content will be a priority. Associated Content, which he founded in 2004, was the first major crowdsourcing content platform in the world and it helped shaped the web as we know it.

Following Associated Content’s acquisition by Yahoo in 2010, Beatty worked as central business lead for a range of user-generated content platforms including Yahoo Local, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Answers and Flickr.

Speaking to All Things D about his switch to AOL, Beatty said: “It’s great to be able to identify opportunities for our properties that they have in common and find the right partners to help them realize their goals.”

The move to appoint someone so well-versed in the successful promotion of user-generated content reflects just how much attention AOL is now placing on reaching audiences in new and different ways.

Earlier this month, the company premiered Inspiration Point, an original web series, on its AOL On service. It also acquired a partnership with Carambola to improve the way in which it serves ads to users of its video content.

Although AOL is much changed from its peak, when more than 30 million people subscribed to its services, its current efforts should be viewed positively by content marketers looking for new ways to reach potential customers.

Image source: Morgue File

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