Facebook Users Prefer Videos on Mobile, says Viewbix CEO


AllFacebook reported on Friday that Facebook users are more likely to engage with videos through a mobile device than a desktop. This information was released by video marketing company Viewbix, in the wake of the network’s most recent News Feed redesign, which seeks to emphasize the sharing of visual content.

Jonathan Stefansky, CEO of Viewbix, says video engagement rates are nearly twice as high on mobile platforms, especially iPads and Android devices. He believes the interactive, touch-based nature of such devices is the reason for the higher level of engagement, saying “A touch is more interactive to the experience.”

According to his numbers, phones and tablets account for an engagement rate of 40.8 percent on Facebook, while desktops only bring in 22.3 percent.

Viewbix is a service that helps brands engage with audiences through their video content.

This news doesn’t mean brands have to run out and recruit a film team, but it does mean they’ll need to reassess their mobile efforts. Mobile sites, phone- and tablet-friendly content, and apps will only get more vital to marketing campaigns as mobile use grows.

In Feburary, comScore released a report indicating a significant increase in mobile use from 2011 to 2012. Milestones include smartphones seeing 50 percent market penetration and a total of 52.4 million tablet owners in the United States. Furthermore, the study found people spend 37 percent of their time online through mobile devices. Pew also released a study in March revealing that 23 percent of U.S. teens mainly go online using their phones (47 percent of teens own smartphones).

Clearly, there’s a growing need for a web presence. Fortunately, Mashable compiled a helpful list for setting up mobile versions of website, with a slant toward small and medium-sized businesses. With more people web surfing on their phones, sites will get a big boost from small screen traffic.

Photo source: Facebook

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