How Social Media and Viral Marketing Are Saving the Film Industry


An infographic released by bankruptcy law firm Allen Law details how the film industry managed to survive a decade-long decline in ticket sales thanks to the Internet. Yes, the medium that enabled piracy to hurt the industry now keeps it alive.

While the digitization of the film format has certainly helped, with cloud sharing replacing the physical transportation of film reels, social media and viral marketing campaigns have kept people going to their local theaters.

A recent example used in the infographic is Paranormal Activity, which used a viral and social media campaign to increase demand for widespread release. A mix of crowdsourcing and one million social media requests encouraged Paramount to run the film nationwide. The low-budget horror movie became the most profitable of all time.

High-grossing movies like Hunger Games, Hot Tub Time Machine, the Twilight saga, and The Hobbit also used viral marketing campaigns, resulting in videos and trailers with over a million views and high levels of fan engagement on social media.

Content marketers and social media handlers can now feel confident when asked what they do for a living, able to explain their craft saved an entire industry to confused parents and relatives. But beyond bragging rights is evidence that content marketing is only going forward, with established campaigns to draw inspiration from.

This also means more marketers will need to familiarize themselves with different media. Not every brand or project needs a viral video, but the knowledge could prove useful. After all, what saved the movie industry could build and expand a brand.

Photo Source: Flickr

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