It’s a Small World After All: Huge City Website Links Users to Local Events


Social media can help bring information to the public, but it doesn’t always do a very good job of organizing all that data into an intuitive database. The new website Huge City seeks to organize Facebook events geographically to give users a simple, well-organized visual database that will show them what’s going on in their neck of the woods.

One of the most convenient features of the new website is that it seamlessly combines two popular online services: Google Maps and Facebook. The program’s world map is visually reminiscent of Google Maps, although it doesn’t borrow much of its design from Facebook. A scrolling bar to the left of the map provides users with an organized list of Facebook events. Users will be able to sort the events through a number of different criteria, such a “Top Rated” or “Most Attended.”

Huge City is unique in the world of social media in that it makes geography relevant again. Here in the digital age, physical distance between people is irrelevant thanks to the instantaneous exchange of digital information. Rather than joining people together based on their interests, the social media website will unite people based on location. It will expose users to popular nightclubs, concerts, parties, charity walks, and other local events.

Of course, users will still be able to search based on their interests. Looking for a flash mob? Do a search to find every flash mob within traveling distance. Huge City also boasts a mobile app, which will ask users how far they’re willing to walk, bike, or dive to an event. This filter will keep all search results conveniently local so that users aren’t spammed with events that are happening in the next state over.

Hugh Malkin, the co-founder of Huge City, told Allfacebook, “If you’re coming into a new city, you don’t know where half of the places are . . . You spend your time between [Facebook], the Google Maps, and then you have to go and ask your friends, ‘Hey, are you going to this?’ This solves all three problems immediately. You know who’s going to it, you know what it is, where it is, and if it’s within walking distance, and what else is going on next to it.”

Huge City was released out of beta to moderate success. Early in the website’s infancy, a number of Chick-fil-A events popped up on Huge City in the wake of the restaurant’s controversial stance on gay marriage. Today, the website’s event list is bustling with Sandy Hook memorials, New Years Eve parties, and concerts. It could still be some time before Facebook users fully integrate events into Huge City, but the website’s early successes suggest that it’s here to stay.

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