Marketers Can Now Manage Videos from HootSuite with New Vidyard App


Content marketers will now be able to manage and share videos from the HootSuite dashboard thanks to the new Vidyard for HootSuite app. This new app from video marketing platform Vidyard will make sharing video across multiple outlets, profiles and platforms much faster and easier by taking advantage of HootSuite’s ability to manage multiple social media accounts.

The app creates a centralized library of videos to share, saving content marketers the valuable time it used to take to re-upload videos for different outlets. It also offers analytics for videos, including view counts, click-through rates, attention span and geography data. Videos can also be updated within the app, and they will be automatically updated everywhere they’re embedded. The app can also embed various calls to action into videos both before and after the videos are posted.

The new app arrived just in time to accommodate the noticeable increase in video content over the years. A report from April 2013 showed that 22 percent of users now incorporate video into their digital content, up from 6 percent three years before. This also means numerous brands have just received a huge boost to their video marketing efforts: Easier video management will mean improved consistency across brands’ social media accounts, something their fans and followers will appreciate.

Video content is especially popular on mobile devices, with engagement rates nearly twice as high on phones and tablets. This in turn has lead to new tools and services that help prepare videos for interactive engagement on the mobile market, such as FlixMaster.

It all shows that video is now one of the most powerful tools in a content marketer’s kit. Giving content marketers a central location for all their video-content needs makes the tool even more versatile and accessible, and makes Vidyard a necessary app for marketers who handle video content and social media.

For more information, a video rundown of the new app is also available at the Vidyard for HootSuite official page.

Photo source: Flickr

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