MySpace to Include Possible Facebook Integration


MySpace with Facebook integration could be just what they need to bring some new attention to the site and reel in some new users, as well.

Sneak peeks of the new MySpace design and the video with a cameo by site co-owner Justin Timberlake, both on Slate, show us something else interesting: possible Facebook integration. With this simple feature, MySpace might see a successful comeback.

Revamping MySpace

This is not the first time MySpace has had a facelift, but over the past few years, Facebook has taken the lead in the social media platform game. So no matter how drastic the changes, MySpace was going to need a little something more to really compete with the social media giant.

The Daily Mash says, “Social network MySpace has re-branded itself as the cute, easygoing social network you were with as a teenager.”

Your Social Media Buddy

From this statement, we can see more about how and why MySpace has repositioned itself. They want to be the trusted, friendly social network you new as a kid. MySpace wouldn’t change the look of your profile without asking you first. MySpace cares about what you think and what you want. MySpace gives you the user the power back into your hands – this is the approach they are taking with the repositoning.

It’s like Facebook, only better! At least that is what they are hoping people think when they see the new design. But what about those users who are still loyal to Facebook or who want to leave Facebook but don’t want to lose all of their friends and connections there.

MySpace with Facebook integration could be just the thing the music-focused site needs to ensure success in the social media world. If those who used MySpace before or those who never bothered to try it could sync their Facebook accounts with their MySpace, then there is a good chance many more users will give it a chance.

The new MySpace look somewhat resembles a mix between Pinterest and Facebook—and that’s likely not a coincidence. There also seem to be some Facebook-like features and functions. As an added bonus, it appears that users will be able to connect to your Facebook friends who are already on MySpace. This makes it easier than ever to connect with friends on each of the networks.

Since MySpace was purchased for $35 million in July of 2010, many wrote it off as a flop as far as social networks go. However, it seems like they have taken this time to work on their comeback and try to get the value back to the $580 million it sold for in 2005.

Now, with a new fancy design and an endorsement from Justin Timberlake, can they reinvent MySpace?

If you’d like to see the video that touts the new MySpace, go to and check it out. The sign-up screen is cleaner than it ever was before and it has the feature to allow you to connect through Facebook when you sign up for the site.

Photo Source: Myspace

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