Poll: Video Email Marketing Best, Say Majority of Marketers


For customer outreach, visuals are key—and an increasing number of companies are integrating video email marketing as part of their overall strategy. The proof is in the numbers: 82 percent of marketers say they view video as an effective tool, with 34 percent rating it as “very” effective, Reel SEO reports.

Reel SEO worked in collaboration with Flimp Media and the Web Video Marketing Council surveying 600 marketers on their approaches to video in email marketing. Despite being widely accepted as effective, only 60 percent reported that video was part of their current strategy.

Linking to videos is the best way to share them, 51 percent say, while 24 percent prefer embedding videos, and 18 percent are unsure. However the video is presented, 60 percent of respondents reported experiencing customer conversions stemming from the use of video in email marketing.

“Video within a marketing email has had a positive impact on prospect purchases and conversion rates for more than 60 percent of surveyed marketers, although 35 percent had yet to be convinced,” Reel SEO said.

Previous surveys have found similar results. For instance, more than half of consumers allow videos to influence their purchasing decisions, and it is the most-shared content type, with 41 percent of consumers passing along videos. By integrating video into email marketing, companies are finding a way to reach out to one large facet of their audience at once.

For some companies, the video content will boil down to an ad for the product they’re offering. If it’s news, the email might feature a video podcast, while other companies may want to use online viral advertising to sell their wares. Regardless of the format, 73 percent said that they found the most video email marketing success in video used for product and service promotions.

Image Source: Flickr

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