Snapseed: Instagram for Professionals


Snapseed Mobile, launched on Thursday, is drawing attention as an eventual Instagram rival. The iOS app has taken a major step forward with new Android compatibility, a result of Google’s acquisition of Nik Software, the creator of the the photo-editing app.

Nik’s mobile version now offers its features on both major operating systems, providing the ability to autocorrect, apply professional filters, and carefully edit any picture that the app can find. There is a desktop version for larger photo collections and people who have lots of time on their hands, but the mobile app is receiving the most attention.

At its core, Snapseed is seeking a different market than Instagram. The beauty of Instagram is its simplicity. You can snap a picture with your phone and post it wherever you want in seconds, adding a few photo effects for flavor. Snapseed takes a lot longer than a few seconds, and aims for a professional audience who would rather spend some extra time tweaking photos before sharing them with friends and family. The site states “Snapseed Mobile is a fun and powerful app designed to enhance and share your photos, developed by the same people that create some of the most widely used professional tools for digital photography.”

If the app wants to be a serious Instagram contender, it will have to create effortless functionality with its mobile app to encourage more users – and create a free version. Currently, the app costs $5. For now, however, the application has several notable functions. The new connection with Google has added a “share instantly on Google+” button to the app, and Nik Software is still developing filters for the app and updating with additional functions.

If Google+ grows and Snapseed adds similar functionality with all social media platforms, then it could become the new name in social photo sharing. For now, it holds special attraction for professional content creators and small businesses. Hubspot came out with a recent study that showed photos on sites like Facebook generate more than 50 percent more Likes than normal, words-only post (and quite a few more comments, too). Businesses have strong motivation to post quality picture content, which means taking photos that are several steps above the snapshots of average users.

Snapseed helps ensure the higher quality of professional picture posts with its more detailed, professional tools that can be used by any content creator to spruce up a photo shoot of products, events, or employees. Even if the app does not reach Instagram levels, it has a lot of potential in niche markets, including the marketing market.

Photo Source: Flickr

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