Social Media Site Hootsuite Reveals 2012 Top Twitter Trends


Social media management site Hootsuite has released an infographic showing the top international Twitter trends for 2012. These cover a range of topics from pop culture to politics. Topping the list is the London 2012 Olympics, which generated 160 million tweets. As an international and worldwide event, this was an obvious entry into the most tweeted list. Other sporting events in the top 10 were Euro 2012 at number 6 and the Super Bowl at number 7. The latter event saw 1 million tweets in the last five minutes.

The U.S. elections, in at number two, were big news on Twitter around the globe, racking up 327,452 tweets per minute during the peak discussion period. As the largest recorded Atlantic hurricane, Sandy was in the fourth spot as people used Twitter to share information and support.

Trends in Entertainment

Pop star Justin Bieber was popular throughout the year and claimed the number three spot. Other celebrities among the top 10 were Whitney Houston in eighth place, with 73,662 tweets per minute following her death on February 11th, and the hugely popular band One Direction, which trended at different times during the year. Meanwhile, the MTV Music Awards came in fifth place with 52 million votes on Twitter for the Most Shareable Video. Rounding out the top ten list, the Invisible Children documentary on Joseph Kony went viral, putting the #stopKony hashtag in the number 9 spot.

Hootsuite’s list also included the top tech brands, the top world news stories, the top musicians and the top athletes. Content marketers can take several lessons from this list. First, Twitter remains an important social media channel for sharing content. If there is an important national or international event, then people will be talking about it there, giving content producers a great opportunity to join the conversation. Finally, by delving into the tweet patterns, marketers can identify the people and topics that trended year round. Those can provide a good starting point for content marketing efforts in 2013.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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