YouTube Testing Google+ Integration for Multiple-User Channel Management


Google announced last week a new beta feature for YouTube channel management, which will allow multiple Google+ users to work on a single account and utilize new collaborative features, according to the Official YouTube Partners & Creators Blog.

Users can now connect their YouTube and Google+ accounts and add up to 50 other members to help manage a single video channel. Conversely, the beta test also lets one user manage multiple channels.

At this time, the feature does not work for anyone who has purchased content from Google Play or Youtube.

Google notes that once accounts are connected, users can benefit from new features such as “improved video sharing, live broadcasts via Hangouts, and a YouTube tab on your Google+ page.” This gives companies with multiple facets to their brand, such as Vevo with its numerous outlets for music artists, a simpler way to manage channels. It is a welcome addition for brands with several content creators, as it puts an end to password sharing, and to marketers who serve multiple clients having to log in and out of various accounts.

Once linked, users have a 14-day window to disconnect their Google+ account from YouTube. After the two-week period expires, account connection is permanent.

Content marketers using the mobile channel management feature are advised to use the most recent update of the YouTube app for both Android and iOS. Beta testers can also join the newly created Google+ community for the integration to offer feedback. In this community, YouTube announced that future developments of account integration will allow managers to set different permissions for each person attached to the account.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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