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Skyword for BrandsTransform your brand into a publisher with original content that reaches and engages your prospects and customers.

Successful marketers understand they need to transform their organizations into publishers of quality original content that can easily be found when their customers search for it, and is compelling enough to be shared socially.

Consumers increasingly tune out traditional advertising. Instead, they search online for information, and when they find information they like, they share it with their social networks. Search engine algorithms reward quality content more than any other attribute when it comes to search engine rankings.

Yet, for many brands, their content marketers have often lacked the resources to create the depth and breadth of content required to perform successfully, and it has often been a complicated and overwhelming process — until now.

Skyword provides all you need to create quality content that succeeds in search and on the social web.

With the Skyword Platform, you can create quality, original content aligned with your customers’ interests in your unique brand voice. The platform automates the entire content marketing process, including:

  • Writer recruitment and management
  • Content planning, creation, and optimization
  • Editorial review
  • Social promotion
  • Measurement and analytics

If you need help getting started, Skyword’s content strategists can help you develop your content strategy and execute your content plan. They can work with you to identify the kinds of information your customers search for most based on SEO keyword research, and help you create search- and socially optimized content to fulfill that need.

Your in-house writers and editors can be trained on the Skyword Platform, we can recruit writers specifically for you, or you can use our professional editors and tap our network of over 20,000 professional freelancers to create quality, brand-aligned content.

Time to say goodbye to traditional advertising. Let Skyword help you transform your organization into a publisher of brand-aligned original content to reach and engage your customers and prospects.


  • Increase brand awareness and build affinity
  • Decrease marketing costs while increasing digital reach
  • Drive engagement and social sharing