Leading media companies partner with Skyword

The Skyword Platform simplifies digital content writing, making it easy to create content that performs in search and is shared socially – the two primary ways people find information today.

Skyword for MediaThe media industry is in the midst of massive transformation. With more than 100 billion global searches on Google each month and 3.2 billion Facebook Likes and comments every single day, traditional publishers face the reality that they either become part of the conversation or risk becoming irrelevant. Highly targeted, searchable, and “shareworthy” digital content forms a critical element to the new business models that media organizations have developed to adapt to this trend.

Today’s leading media companies partner with Skyword to help them create digital content designed for success in search and social as a means to increase reach and engage new audiences.

The Skyword Platform allows you to streamline the entire content production process by managing key aspects of your strategy:

  • Writer recruitment and management
  • Automated writer payments and tax administration
  • Content writing assignments and creation
  • Search optimization of content
  • Editorial services
  • Social promotion
  • Measurement and analytics

Compelling content fuels digital conversations, and Skyword can make sure your organization is at the center of them.


  • Streamline content writing and editing process
  • Reach and engage new audiences
  • Build loyalty
  • Create new revenue streams