IBM's Pivot Point Case Study


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For IBM, it’s more than IT solutions — it’s about helping midsize IT professionals think differently in the work they do every day.

Setting the Scene

As consumers’ dependency on search and social media for information discovery increases, leading brands must elicit curiosity from readers by establishing relevancy in the marketplace.

IBM’s Pivot Point website offers an educational platform to business professionals, addressing key trends and breaking news pertinent to midsize business owners and IT staff.

Break Through

After developing a reputation for being a costly solution for midsize businesses, IBM had to extend its offerings beyond its core solutions to break this mold.

The enterprise sought to be top of mind as a problem solver and solution provider. To succeed, the team needed to implement a sustainable storytelling system that allowed for creating quality content at scale and delivering moving stories of accomplishment to readers.

Connections Made

IBM recruited a highly relevant team of authors from the midsize-business and IT worlds. These contributors regularly publish news-oriented and advice-giving stories that inform IBM’s target audience about the trends taking place in the industry.

Through this new digital content creation process, IBM is forming bonds with market leaders by offering them a platform on which to publish their thought leadership. This partnership, in turn, provides an information exchange between IBM’s writer pool and those IT and business professionals looking for actionable advice. A sustainable approach like this creates loyalty and generates buzz for the brand’s media property and technology solutions.

Results – as of January 1, 2014

  • Acceptance into Google News
  • 5,000+ professionally crafted, search-optimized articles
  • Earned 425M+ search and social impressions
  • 110K+ social engagements
  • 1.2M+ page views
  • 2.4% CTR from to SolutionsPages
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