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Today, original content is table stakes. With Skyword, you have the technology to do it systematically and do it well. Create content that inspires action and captures the essence of your company story. Do it to the tune of dozens of original photographs, graphic designs, infographics, blog posts, articles, emails, or videos every month across your global organization. The processes and tools you find here can free your most brilliant creatives and influencers to do their best work.

How you create content can be as important as what you create

Take frustration out of the content creation process

Good writers, photographers, videographers, and designers know how to tell good stories. But the storytelling peripherals can sometimes muck up the works. Different writers have varied formats they use to deliver work in, for example—which can wreak havoc on layout and review processes. Program managers have different ways of organizing, tagging, and evaluating the content that comes in, which can cause confusion for an audience and for the content team.

The Skyword Platform helps you wrangle those details, so that everyone can focus on good storytelling:

  • Set base-line content quality standards, including word count, spelling and grammar standards, and formatting details.
  • Determine the number of times you want keywords to appear in each content section, and make sure each draft includes them.
  • Take advantage of advanced features, such as discussions, inline image and text commenting, video timestamp commenting, content checklists, and duplicate content detection.
  • Categorize content by searching for keywords, selecting categories, and adding meta information
  • Connect to your content management system and synchronize existing tags, or take advantage of automatic tagging recommendations.

A template for everything

Content templates allow you to collect and create content in consistent formats across your content program. With Skyword, you can choose between several content types, including evergreen articles, news articles, marketing emails, product descriptions, videos, and Facebook posts. Creating multiple content types based on these formats can help you set pricing structures, organize content, and direct contributors.

Skyword announced Skyword + Marketing Automation, a partnership with marketing automation leader, Marketo. As part of that partnership, customers can now create emails with Skyword Platform templates and publish them directly to their Marketo marketing automation program after they’ve gone through approvals.

Skyword also allows you to create custom templates—enabling or disabling form fields, changing field order, or requiring contributors to enter certain information. You can even configure many of the messages you see within the Skyword interface. Even your content creation platform can speak in your brand voice.

The right image can make a story

The Skyword Platform allows contributors to choose digital media from a program’s asset library and attach it to a story—or to upload new images and files to publish with a piece of content. The platform supports a variety of formats and sizes, but you can restrict image sizes to fit your page layout. Skyword can also collect image data, such as file name, caption, title, alternate text, and source.

Skyword allows you to quickly create high-quality visual content. With image commenting you can add, view, and delete comments for designers on specific parts of an image, infographic, or social graphic. You can also manipulate images within the platform, cropping them to exactly the right size, and selecting the part of the image you want to capture. Need stock photography? That’s in the platform, as well, via our integration with Bigstock. Search the Bigstock image database, purchase images, and attach them to content for publishing—all without leaving the Skyword Platform.

An asset library that inspires great work

Skyword offers a powerful, scalable infrastructure for placing all your assets at the fingertips of everyone involved in the content creation process—while also protecting sensitive data from unauthorized eyes. Upload images, infographics, articles, and videos—in bulk or one at a time. Edit, approve, or reject assets according to current brand standards to keep everything up-to-date.

Your Skyword asset library helps keep your brand organized and consistent, offering a powerful and secure way to create, store, organize, search for, and reuse media assets. Use it as a resource for contributors who need images to embed in their content or reference materials for articles. Download media for use outside the Skyword Platform, when you need to share company videos, logos, or documents with contributors or partners. You didn’t realize librarian was part of your job description, did you?

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