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What happens to your carefully crafted stories after you create them?

Do they move audiences to act in the ways you hoped they would? Or do they sit around collecting dust? We help you develop a content distribution strategy that assures the former. From the Skyword Platform, you can publish content to various social media platforms. You can even promote and track content performance directly from the Platform, so everything stays in one place.

Skyword content amplification tools: Reach audiences where they congregate, with a solid content distribution strategy

Solidify your social strategy.

Promote your content on the sites and social networks where your audience congregates, and it stands a chance of having an effect on your audience, and on your bottom line. You can manage your entire content distribution strategy right from the Skyword Platform:

  • Add social posts during the content review process and then amplify the content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Create, assign, review, and schedule social posts for automatic publishing at a later date and time.
  • Monitor and optimize social activity with clear insight into the number of posts scheduled and delivered, and the number of posts associated with published content.

You can also enlist contributors to amplify the published content they created for you. From their Skyword dashboard, they can promote content with convenient links to all the social networks. This page also includes an HTML link they can embed into other articles or web pages.

Content that makes news.

If your program generates news content and uses Skyword sitemaps, you can use Skyword’s Google News tagging feature to help Google index your content properly. When enabled, this feature generates keyword suggestions for each article. You choose the ones most likely to help you reach your audience, and integrate them in the most appropriate way.

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