Customized, role-based workflows

Skyword’s workflow features let you create a role for each person in your content program. For example, you could have a content reviewer, copy editor, editorial manager, and program manager. As you create your program, you set permissions for each role, according to your workflow. Multiple users can be assigned the same role, and you can choose to allow specific roles to see content only in certain workflow states. For example, if you have brand reviewers, you could limit their access to content in the “sent for brand review” state.

After a contributor submits content for review, Skyword automatically assigns a content review state, and routes the content to your predetermined roles, one by one. You can set article review buttons that clarify the specific actions each role can perform at each stage of the workflow. Content can be sent back and forth among reviewers, and then returned to the contributor for revision.

You can set Skyword workflows up to work the way your organization already works—only better. Customize them for individual programs, or for specific content types. Your project managers are going to be SO on board.