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You can hire freelance writers and content creators by putting out a job listing and wading through the responses—or you can put the Skyword Platform to work and quickly identify the perfect fit. Our international pool of writers, videographers, designers, and influencers is deep and wide. Give it a try—the water’s fine.

A freelance writer with influence. A videographer who knows London. Find the right content creator at the right time.

Writers are your heart and soul.

What’s the trick to assembling a talented, committed team of writers for your brand?

  • First: a searchable, global pool of top-notch talent.
  • Second: a team of content strategists who can help you piece together those contributors—the heart and soul of your content strategy—and get important industry influencers on board.
  • Third: a technology platform that streamlines management and payment processes.

Skyword connects you instantly to thousands of freelance storytellers who are passionate about both their subject matter and creating brand content. You risk neither the awkwardness of reaching out to reporters or other influencers, nor the frustration of managing untested freelancers.

Each of our writers has a profile and writing samples you can peruse to get a sense of style and voice. Once you determine that someone is a likely fit for your brand, you can reach out and start a conversation.

Video Is Complicated

One two- to three-minute clip requires script writers, editors, set designers, actors, animators, sound technicians, and more. Getting all those people to work together efficiently and effectively can be challenging; unless you’re in the business of making movies, you might not even know how to put a team together.

With Skyword, you can push your creative brief live to video professionals in our global network and request bids before you choose your team, or browse our diverse library of talented contributors and contact them directly. Our services team can also help you identify the best talent for the job. Skyword video creatives are experienced professionals, and they’re also great people to work with. We wouldn’t include them in our network if they weren’t.

Create a strong visual impression.

At Skyword, designers are doled out like candy by our creative desk. Rather than making you sort through profiles on the Platform, we use our in-house expertise to find the perfect match. To learn more, contact our creative services team.

Credibility is as important as talent.

Your writer may have a way with words, but does she have credibility with your audience? We’ve partnered with Traackr to gain access to its database of influencers, and to capture the social footprint of every Skyword Platform content creator. Find people with a reputation for making valuable contributions in the online communities where your audience congregates—who are socially engaged on the topics that matter to your bottom line.

You can spend considerable time and effort to build relationships with those influencers from the ground up—or you can use the Skyword Platform to identify professionals who are actively looking for opportunities like yours.

Make like a local, in every market.

Authentic content that moves audiences on an emotional level requires knowledge of the intricacies of culture, local networks, and the market itself. Skyword’s pool of top creatives from around the world can help you make headway quickly, avoid common mistakes, and tap into spheres of influence you may otherwise miss. The Skyword Platform makes it easy to compensate contributors in local currencies — saving you time and resources, and boosting your street cred with local teams.

Trying to match writers in Buenos Aires, Beijing, and Moscow with strategy coming out of your Chicago headquarters? We’ve got you covered.

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