Align Your Marketing Calendar

As a marketer, you rely on dozens of tools to help you stay organized and accountable. To help you deliver cohesive messages across paid, owned, and earned channels, you need a centralized system to manage programs, collaborate across departments, and show your executive team that you have a solid plan for the months ahead. Skyword’s marketing calendar software makes it easy for you to align your strategy with the rest of marketing, and provide teams across your organization visibility into the content marketing game plan.

Marketing calendar software that helps you see the whole picture.

Your editorial calendar is your anchor.

To deliver on the daily, weekly, and monthly goals of a successful content marketing program, you have to get in there and fill out the calendar. As you execute on your plan, you refer to that content calendar every day—maybe even every hour—to make sure you and everyone else are staying on track. To move things around when you need to change course. To plan your next vacation. (Let’s be real!)

No marketing calendar software in the world will ever transcend that basic calendaring concept. But not every calendar, it turns out, is created equal. If you lived and died by your old editorial calendar, you’ll live, and live some more, by the Skyword version.

Flawless project management, without leaving your calendar.

It’s never been easier to manage your story cadence. With the Skyword Marketing Calendar’s streamlined interface, you can easily see what activities you have coming, and fill in any gaps. Preview your entire month at a glance, or drill down to see more detail. Create RFPs, projects, events, and stories—all without leaving the calendar view. Planning a conference that goes all week? Events can span multiple days. Easy drag-and-drop helps you declutter. You can attach related assets to any event, for even more detail.

Sync all your marketing activities

With the Skyword Marketing Calendar, you can capture everything that matters—marketing events, product launches, corporate announcements, paid media flights, conferences, and organizational milestones—in unison with your content marketing plan. That way, you can make sure the stories you assign and publish all roll up to a solid brand experience.

Simplify the view, and evangelize your content stream.

Feeling overwhelmed? On those days when you just need to focus in, filter your calendar view according to content type or status. You can also decide what information you’d like to share with your colleagues and create custom calendars. For example, if you want to share everything that has been published in your program, create a filter and then share an HTML view of the calendar—or export it to a third-party application, such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, or IBM Notes.

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