Skyword CEO Tom Gerace and CSO Allen Gannett address the audience at Forward 2019.

Forward 2019: 4 Key Takeaways for Content Marketing Innovation

Marketing Content Strategy

To ride the marketing wave this year without wiping out, experts at Forward 2019 said you’ll need to speak to your audience and resist selfie syndrome.

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An Echo Dot sits atop a stack of hard-cover books.
Marketing Marketing Technology

How an IoT Marketing Strategy Focused on Interactivity, Utility Can Connect with Consumers

Is IoT changing digital marketing? Yes. As these devices become mainstays in homes, there’s big potential to reach consumers via an IoT marketing strategy.

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A man in a short-sleeved, button-up shirt reads an email marketing campaign in a cafe.

The Future of Email Marketing: How to Boost Engagement in 2019 and Beyond

Should you still invest in email in 2019? Yes! Here’s what you need to know about the future of email marketing and how can you drive better engagement.

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Group of ethnically diverse people browse social media using their smartphones.

Social Media Algorithms in 2019 Mean Paying to Play. Here’s How Brands Can Still Stand Out

Marketing Social Media

Do social media algorithms in 2019 mean you have to pay to play? Yes and no. With the boost of Groups, brands can still reach consumers organically.

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Two people meet at a coffee shop to discuss original research for marketing.
Marketing Content Strategy

6 Tips for Creating Original Research for Marketing That’ll Boost Your Brand

Creating original research is a win-win for marketers and consumers, as this insight can improve products, services, and beyond. Here’s how to get started.

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<em>Ann Handley, chief content officer at MarketingProfs, will be the closing keynote speaker at Forward 2019. </em>
Storytelling Innovator Series

Obsess to Perfect: Forward 2019 Keynote Speaker Ann Handley on the Value in Focusing on Less

Ann Handley, closing keynote speaker at Forward 2019, believes marketers hugely benefit when they kill their darlings and obsess on doing one thing well.

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How Social Media for Healthcare Marketing Engages Patients and Boosts Brand Awareness

Creativity Marketing Transformation

Here’s how social media for healthcare marketing can help hospitals and providers establish trust, along with some smart strategies for social success.

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A group of people gathers around a group of brightly colored hot air balloons.

7 Marketing Events in 2019 That B2B Brands Won’t Want to Miss

By attending one of these marketing events in 2019, you’ll return to work energized and ready to breathe new life into your existing strategies.

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Woman taking photo of a sunset on a smartphone.
Marketing Social Media

What Are the Best Social Media Distribution Channels for 2019?

Stop stressing about algorithm updates and privacy concerns by understanding the best social media distribution channels to build your community in 2019.

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