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Apple’s Mini Hits 3 Million: 4 Ways to Hop on Board


It could only be Apple: 3 million units sold in one weekend. Following the release of the latest fourth-gen iPad and the revolutionary, 7-inch screen iPad Mini, the corporate kingpin tallied up remarkable sales. The company has not yet specified how many of those 3 million sold were actually the new iPad Mini, but it is safe to bet that the majority fell in the Mini category, with more big numbers on the way.

The iPad Mini is set to make a few holiday records. It has already set the bar high for marketing and mobile advertising. Here are four key takeaways from the Mini sales streak:

1. Built for Two: The iPad Mini is, as The Huffington Post reminds readers, “a third smaller than the full-size iPad.” However, because of high screen resolution and similar processors, all apps that run on the iPad run equally well on the Mini. The equality is a boon for marketing departments and content creators around the world (with the Mini selling in 34 countries, this is no cliché) who are already working on mobile sites or iPad ads. The Mini supports them all, too – it is ready-made for iPad projects, with no extra design time or formatting costs.

2. Stream It: Apple has not yet released the 4G versions of the Mini which will give customers access to LTE wireless. They will hit the stores closer to the holiday buying weeks. (But when it does, you can expect another slew of sales.) For marketers this means faster downloads, smoother video, and more accessibility for mobile content. No more worrying whether or not a viral video will stream on mobile devices – 4G LTE makes it a near certainty, and other tablet-makers are expected to offer similar data services to keep up.

3. To and Fro: The first iPad felt mobile enough, but the Mini makes it look just a little too large. Business owners and professionals can easily tote it around for data charts and project updates, where the original iPad was a little too bulky for on-the-go management. Likewise, medical and sales specialists will find the light weight of the Mini ideal for their frequent movement. As TechCrunch points out, “the iPad mini is a near ideal device for inconspicuous installation in kiosk and self-serve terminal applications.” The end result? A whole new market, waiting for apps dedicated to their professions and open for marketing content that appears on the iPad Mini.

4. The App Effect: Debates are exploring whether the Mini is cutting into traditional iPad sales or not. No matter which side wins, Apple is selling a lot of tablets. Customers who would not consider the iPad are being won over by the smaller, lighter Mini version. More tablets sold means more Apple apps bought. This is an excellent reason to create your own app, team up with another business for an app project, or generally create exposure in the app world ASAP.

Photo Source: Flickr

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