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Bing Reveals New Redesign


Microsoft has revealed a redesign for the Bing search engine, including a brand new logo and extensive changes to the home page. According to the Verge, the search giant has replaced its iconic blue logo for a more abstract design in a yellow-orange hue.

Lawrence Ripsher, a Microsoft designer, told The Verge that the new logo is “a lot more angular and fresh and sharper than we’ve used in the past.” His design team tested countless different colors and designs before ultimately choosing a golden yellow that mirrors the color in Microsoft’s corporate logo.

The new logo features an abstract, modern take on the lowercase “b” in the design. Microsoft has also changed their once curly font to a Swiss-inspired font called “Segoe” to better align with other Microsoft products, reports Mashable.

This logo redesign remains in line with the company’s recent redesign of its product branding in order to better align all its products, services, and apps into one single strategy. The company has been shifting roles and management efforts to unify the company.

Introducing Page Zero

However, the new logo isn’t the only Bing update that users will find. Bing has also overhauled its entire search engine and revamped the home page. According to CNET, Microsoft has unleashed Page Zero, a powerful new search format that attempts to find a response to a search query before seeing the typical search results. As users type their queries into the search engine, Bing will provide information and links relevant to the search. It’s just another way the search engine hopes to differentiate itself from Google and gain the upper hand.

Jumping on the Rebranding Bandwagon

Bing isn’t the only search engine to reveal a massive overhaul recently. Earlier this month, Yahoo! revealed a new less casual logo and, despite some criticism from designers and typographers, the company underwent a rebranding process to focus on high quality usability and sophistication.

No matter whether users like the new design or prefer the old one, rebranding gets people talking about the company. Users will be more likely to stop by and check out the new logo and home page redesign. It really comes down to a smart marketing tactic.

Bing’s new logo has already received much more positive feedback than Yahoo!’s redesign, but it remains to be seen how well the changes to the home page and Page Zero feature will play out in Bing’s initiative to close the gap with Google.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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