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Brands as Publishers? How to Tie the Two Together

As a Generation Y-er (or what some so unaffectionately call a Millennial), I get my information from two sources: my friends and the Internet. Search, in particular, has surpassed all other sources of information for consumers today, including print, television, and radio. So for me, it comes as no surprise that my fellow Y-ers have begun to view brands as publishers. DVRs, smartphones, and newsfeeds make it really easy to avoid traditional marketing messages; however, if a brand supplies me with the information I want? Sold.

To say that J.Crew is my favorite clothing brand would be an understatement. I’m pretty sure about 80 percent of my wardrobe comes from the Men’s Shop, and I own just about every color of J.Crew’s urban slim fit chinos. When it comes to style, I am a firm believer that Jack really does know best.

That being said, I have to admit J.Crew has let me down in the past.

Let me explain. During my first year of business school, I realized that I had made it my whole life never having learned how to tie a tie. Unfortunately, I realized this one hour before my first presentation. After calling my dad and blaming him for raising an ill-equipped son, I quickly diverted my attention to my most knowledgeable friend: Google.

Brands are becoming content publishersSearching “how to tie a tie” yielded millions of results, but they were mostly from unknown YouTubers and content farms—not exactly where I wanted to go for style advice. However, there was one brand I trusted that rose to the top of the page results: Brooks Brothers. Thus, I clicked on the link, and fast forward 40 minutes later, I delivered my presentation with a flawless four-in-hand knot.

It’s not that J.Crew doesn’t have this information available on its site. A quick search for “how to tie a tie jcrew” yields the exact results I wanted. But without the brand name? I couldn’t find J.Crew’s site anywhere on the first 10 pages, and let’s face it—I gave up after that. In the heat of the moment, all logic gave way to the wind, and I just searched exactly what I needed at the time: “how to tie a tie.” Although I like Brooks Brothers (the other 20 percent of my closet), there’s no reason my favorite brand should be trumped by my second favorite brand when I’m looking for style tips online.

With over 18 billion searches for information each month, there’s no lack of demand for relevant answers. J.Crew undoubtedly has the fashion know-how and resources to supply its consumers with the information they want, but even with all the style tips it has to offer, if nobody can find them, what’s the point? That’s where Skyword comes in.

Skyword allows brands to create content and streamline the entire process, with built-in tools that align content with brand voice as well as SEO best practices. So, when I do search for how to tie a tie, information from sources I trust comes up first. Since I’m only a paragraph away from writing a novel, check out our two-minute video on YouTube for a quick synopsis of our company.

As the brands as publishers trend continues, the opportunity to provide consumers with relevant information grows. Case in point—J.Crew may still be my favorite brand, but I now have many a tie from Brooks Brothers.

Caleb Gonsalves

Style is timeless; fashion is fleeting. Caleb Gonsalves is a content marketing zealot with a passion for travel. Discover the latest content buzz and follow him on Twitter: @calebnate

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