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Coca-Cola Ad Integrates Live Tweets


A first-of-its-kind Romanian Coca-Cola ad has integrated Twitter and TV by including live tweets as the ad airs. According to Mashable, the ad includes a banner that lets the company air tweets users sent in via the hashtag #LetsEatTogether. An ad agency then edits the tweets and airs five to seven of them during each commercial.

The campaign is focused around the idea that many people don’t sit down and eat meals together, but instead watch TV while they eat. Many of the tweets were invitations for people to enjoy a meal together while drinking a cold Coca-Cola.

The integrated tweets proved extremely effective for the soft drink company. According to Mashable, the ad helped boost Coke’s Twitter followers by 15% during the spring campaign. The company also scored a win when the groundbreaking ad started appearing on local evening news programs.

Mashable reports that Coke may eventually run a similar ad in the United States. The ad had viewers engaging with the brand online and watching all the way through the end. As Nir Refuah of the MRM Worldwide agency told Mashable, “How often does that happen?”

Twitter and TV: A Match Made in Heaven?

Twitter has recently rolled out a few initiatives, including TV ad targeting, and the recent hire of Google’s former head of media and entertainment sales, which display the social media company’s intention of solidifying its connection with TV. The integration with TV serves as a potential goldmine for the company — as well as for advertisers. Twitter has forever changed the way viewers watch TV — they can now easily chat about their favorite shows (and ads) in real time. Twitter also found that its TV ad targeting program, which allows marketers to connect with Twitter users after they view their ads on TV, is more effective than TV advertising alone.

Coca-Cola took this one step further by integrating those live tweets into their television ads — and did so with a great deal of success. Advertisers should give serious thought to this approach as more competitors discover innovative ways to get ahead in this exciting new arena.

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