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Companies to Use Content Marketing for Holidays, E-Commerce Loyalty


Despite the economy, reports from eMarketer are saying that Americans will have a strong holiday season, mostly because of e-commerce shoppers. That means many companies are using content marketing for holidays to boost sales.

As eMarketer reported, there is an expected growth of over 16 percent this year, with e-commerce spending to hit an all-time high of $224.2 billion. That means that the focus on good content in the form of articles, infographics, video, and other media will be in demand this fall and winter. One of the biggest days for e-commerce retailers happens to be Cyber Monday, the first Monday after the biggest shopping day of the year: Black Friday.

According to Brafton, data from says that about 80 percent of shoppers need to have a high trust with the company to buy products from them online. Brafton suggests that content marketing can help nurture that trust and create an overall higher brand loyalty among consumers, especially with Cyber Monday being such a big day for sales.

One of the most important aspects to build that trust? Articles and infographics happen to be at the top, and they both need to have a consistent distribution across the Internet, which normally means content is published at least once a day. Otherwise, some businesses might not see an uptick in online sales because of lower brand loyalty.

Major companies like Sears, Target, Amazon, and others will be ramping up their content efforts to focus on products and sales this holiday season. Content marketing for holidays is a major opportunity to capture that billion-dollar revenue, and it can help build customer loyalty to boot, which means a stronger e-commerce customer relationship.

Most content marketing efforts for the holidays have already started. Are you ready?

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