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[Confirmed] Google Algorithm Updates Coming Soon

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, has confirmed that another Panda update will be coming soon. However, he qualified this statement by saying that this newest patch will somewhat “soften” Panda, according to Search Engine Roundtable. The goal, he said, is to relax the effects of Panda on small businesses.

Though there have been no fewer than 25 Google algorithm updates to bear the Panda moniker since then, each update has been felt less and less by content marketers as they adopt to Google’s quality thresholds.

Has the Update Already Taken Place?

As with most algorithm updates, no dates were given for when this potential update might take place. This has prompted several site owners and content marketers to start taking a hard look at their traffic to try to detect any evidence of an algorithm refresh. As recently as April 14, webmasters reported to Search Engine Roundtable that what they were seeing was a “bad sign of another silent update,” and “for sure this is a Panda.”

However, when reached for comment, Google released a statement saying, “Just checked with the team and there is nothing we’re aware of on this.”

This isn’t the first time there has been a false alarm regarding a algorithm update, and its safe to assume it won’t be the last.

The Best Content Marketing Strategy to Deal with Algorithm Updates

Though marketers may be tempted to sift through pages and pages of past content looking for stray links, overused keywords, or other potentially damaging elements, Google says the best strategy for dealing with Google algorithm updates is to do nothing. These updates aren’t designed to punish good content.

However, Audience Bloom suggests that marketers should “monitor and perform periodic audits with their link profiles” to ensure that they can “identify and remove inbound links that have been manipulated” to ensure that Panda updates don’t have any effect on them.

Though the Panda update had a huge impact when it was first released three years ago, content marketers shouldn’t be afraid as Google makes tweaks and corrections to this algorithm. Content marketers may actually see traffic bumps down the line as their high-quality content is pushed up the search page and low-value content is weeded out by subsequent Panda updates.

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