LinkedIn unveiled tools for measuring and driving content engagement.
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Content Engagement on LinkedIn Now Measured by Simple, Powerful Metric


LinkedIn wants to provide an easy reference for businesses to see how their content marketing efforts are faring. To that end, it launched the new Content Marketing Score, a metric that measures a company’s success in engaging its audience through the social network. The tool is one of several resources released by LinkedIn to help businesses develop an effective content strategy.

In a blog post announcing the move, Valter Sciarrillo, LinkedIn’s head of measurement and marketing solutions, noted that while 93 percent of businesses are using content marketing, only 42 percent feel that they’re doing a good job at it. The Content Marketing Score is designed to provide a quick readout of a company’s success in driving content engagement on LinkedIn.

There is no complex algorithm behind the Content Marketing Score. The calculation simply divides the total number of unique engaged LinkedIn members by the active audience available through the social network. The resulting score is the percentage of your target LinkedIn audience that your content has effectively engaged.

“You will also get recommendations about how to improve your score based on different levers you can pull to give you more reach, frequency, and engagement,” Sciarrillo wrote. The tool also shows you how you rank against your competitors, and businesses can filter their scores by industry, job function, company size, seniority, or region.

While the score only quantifies content marketing efforts on LinkedIn, businesses can use insights from their LinkedIn performance to create or improve campaigns targeting other social networks and digital outlets.

As HubSpot’s Ginny Soskey writes, companies that are looking to optimize their LinkedIn presence will benefit from these metrics because of the focus they place on boosting engagement with followers. This tool is useful to add to business’ arsenal, and Soskey noted it was especially interesting to see how individual businesses stack up within their competitive set.

In addition to the Content Marketing Score, LinkedIn has also unveiled its new Trending Content section, which serves as a newsreel of the topics and content that are most popular among your target audience. By keeping up-to-date on the content featured in this section, businesses can get a better sense of the content that is earning the greatest engagement among members of their target audiences.

LinkedIn said it believes that these insights can be used to guide future content decisions for companies, improving content’s relevance to audiences and garnering higher engagement rates.

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