Personalized content is critical to increasing engagement among consumers.
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Content Personalization Gets Renewed Focus as Critical Selling Point


More than half of marketers believe that personalized content and a custom online experience are key to a winning digital campaign, but a study from CMO Council suggests that current efforts are falling short of those goals.

According to the report, “Brand Attraction from Enriched Interaction,” marketers understand the importance of creating a great digital experience and one that informs the customer experience. But gaps remain in turning digital wares into assets that uplift e-commerce efforts.

Content personalization seems key to boosting engagement rates, according to the report. Most marketers agree: 56 percent said that higher engagement rates are the top benefit of personalized content. Close behind was the timeliness and relevance of those interactions, followed by content’s ability to increase word-of-mouth communication.

Get personal, but don Get Personal, Don’t Push

The overarching theme: a personal touch gets results. This can run counter to the “push” mindset of marketing, which emphasizes volume of content and audience. Instead, a different approach is needed—one that aims for brand advocacy among an audience and narrative-driven content geared toward individuals.

Data can be a cornerstone of content personalization; in fact, it should be central to connect with consumers. As a recent Q&A in AdAge explains, data can be pulled from first- and third-party sources to build consumer profiles, examine consumer activity, and slowly build a strategy for delivering personalized content—and content that effectively responds to consumer interests.

Data to the Rescue

But personalization also presents challenges—particularly for brands that want to personalize and deliver content in real-time. Predictive analytics can actually deliver content to new consumers who are still anonymous, using data from other consumers to inform their most likely inclinations. Marketo, for example, offers a real-time personalization solution.

Many other personalization services and software solutions are available from known brands, such as Adobe, Barilliance, Bloomreach, IgnitionOne, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, and others. These vendors can work to deliver personalization solutions that can inform your content marketing strategy and deliver a more integrated product—one where content is closely aligned with top-of-the-line analytics and data and crafted with a personalized touch that naturally appeals to consumers.

Personalization can’t be done at a large volume without a tech solution to automate data collection and interpretation. But given the need for a customized approach to inform content marketing strategy, it’s quickly becoming a required tool.

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