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Facebook App Usage sees 350 Applications with 1 Million Active Users Each


Facebook app usage now sees 350 applications, with 1 million active users per app, the social network has announced in a company blog post. There are nearly 200,000 iPhone and Android apps, with nine of the top ten iPhone apps having Facebook integration and 45 percent of the top 400 iOS apps using the Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK). The news is a sign of further growth and dominance for Facebook in the app market.

Brands and Facebook Apps

Facebook introduced Open Graph in 2011 at the f8 conference, and the social network has now become a cornerstone of some of the web’s most notable brands and websites. Companies like Pinterest, TripAdvisor, the Guardian, Gogobot, Endomondo, and Kobo have all developed and benefited from Facebook Apps.

Fitness app Endomondo began using Open Graph in March and has seen a major traffic increase getting over eight times as many referrals. “Over 12 million workouts have been shared to Facebook timelines, generating over 1.5 billion impressions,” Director of Facebook Platform Partnerships and Operations, Justin Osofsky notes. “Deezer, the cross platform music app has seen the number of people using their app triple since integrating with Facebook at the beginning of this year and they are now adding 50,000 new users per day.”

Apps and Content Marketers

Content marketers use Facebook apps to penetrate the social media website’s large userbase. Facebook integration provides a means to share results or success and activity from the app immediately with friends. Also, major news brands such as the Guardian and the Independent use Facebook Apps to encourage “social reading.” Reader’s activities on these apps are noted and shared, so, if a Facebook user reads articles from these newspapers, then a status update indicating this is posted to that user’s timeline. Facebook app usage is crucial to the success of these campaigns.

And the company hopes to continue expanding on this trend globally, as Orofsky explains. “We will continue to work with developers of all sizes, and around the world, to help people tell rich stories through social apps, while making it easier for people to discover new apps and content through friends.”

Photosource: Wikimedia Commons

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