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Facebook Launches Test Phase for New Want Button


As far as social networking goes, Facebook users can be the most fickle of the bunch. After all, we’re talking about a general collective of people who balked at the ability to read old posts on one’s timeline. So it’s unclear as to whether or not Facebook’s new feature—the so-called Facebook Want button—will get a blue thumbs-up from users. MarketWatch reported that the button is in its testing phase and is expected to roll out over the next few months. While the button might mean a new experience for users, what does it mean for marketers and retailers?


Currently, the Facebook Want button is being tested in three ways. Some test users will see a Collect button, others a Want button and others a Like button. Regardless of the text on the actual button, the feature is the same; retailers are able to post products from their lines and users can pick and choose what to save to their own Collections pages. After the button is clicked, those items are shared on a user’s feed for all of his or her friends to see and actually buy through a direct link.


Don’t start uploading your products just yet, small retailers of the world. It’s the larger retailers who’ll get first crack at the feature; Facebook has Michael Kors, Neiman Marcus, Victoria’s Secret, and a few other big names already on board. Without an allowance for smaller businesses, the Collections feature will be a moneymaker for Facebook, not necessarily for you. Still, there’s a great chance that with the successful launch of Collections could come wider applications that allow for small retailers and even home businesses to hawk their wares online.

New Revenue

Collections has the potential to turn Facebook from a fleeting social phenomenon into a moneymaking machine and some marketers and retailers could get their hands on a piece of that pie. Making sure that you have shareable content already on your website can be a huge boon if and when Collections is released on a smaller scale. What’s more, you can increase your social networking influence using the items that you add to your own page Collections. Think of it as Pinterest, eBay, Amazon, (of course) Facebook all rolled into one.

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