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Facebook Mobile Payments Now Accepted


Facebook mobile payments are now accepted in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Mobile users can easily pay for Facebook game credits and virtual gifts with one click via their mobile carrier billing accounts, according to a report filed by TechCrunch.

One-Click Billing

Facebook announced its intentions to offer the service in February 2012. Bango, the mobile payment and analytic company providing the service for Facebook payments, confirmed today that the integration is live. According to Bango, the easy, one-click carrier billing service translates to a 37 percent higher conversion rate for customers—77 percent instead of the 40 percent conversion rate of competitor services.

Paying through their mobile carrier accounts means Facebook users don’t need credit cards or SMS premium accounts to make digital purchases. Introducing this fast and easy payment facility to Facebook’s 543 million monthly active users seems a logical step in Facebook’s mobility strategy.

Facebook and Mobile Services

Facebook’s recent activities show a growing interest in mobile marketing opportunities. The social media giant is growing and monetizing its mobility division, launching a mobile ad network, relaunching mobile Facebook apps with upgraded user interfaces, and generally trying to improve the overall mobile user experience.

Anticipating the growth of the mobile customer, Facebook is also introducing new features for businesses using the social media platform. Last week, TechCrunch reported that Facebook now allows businesses to include bar codes as part of their free Offers pages.

Though the current capabilities of Facebook mobile payments limit users to Facebook-specific transactions, it sets the stage for users to familiarize themselves with digital purchases via their handheld device or smart phone. As Facebook seeks to show a solid footing in the mobile services market, watch for new features and services for both personal and business Facebook users.

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