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Facebook Stock Reaches All-Time High


Facebook stock reached an all-time high on September 11, 2013, topping out at $45 a share. According to Mashable, this spike comes largely from optimism on the company’s ability to monetize, especially in the mobile market. The social media mogul surpassed earning expectations in the last quarter and reported that 41 percent of its ad revenue now comes from mobile ads.

The company’s previous high was $38 a share on the day of its IPO over a year ago. Following the company’s initial offering, the stock took a nose drive with a low of $17.55 at the beginning of last September. Since then, the stock has slowly begun to rise. At the end of July, the social network finally returned to its IPO price. Now with its all-time high, it has become clear that investors are regaining confidence in the company.

Facebook has released a few initiatives that have boosted investor confidence and have presented opportunities for marketers. The company has shown continued strength on mobile devices. In addition, it plans to roll out some new ways to boost revenue through search and ads. Mashable suggests that the social media network plans to add video ads into the platform. In addition, Instagram—which was acquired by Facebook in 2012 — will introduce ads in the upcoming year. With Facebook’s vast reach, these advertising opportunities open up unique ways to reach and connect with consumers.

Additionally, the use of Facebook on mobile devices has continued to increase. Facebook for Every Phone reached 100 million monthly users back in July 2013, which has brought in users from developing countries such as India, Indonesia and the Philippines. This app has broadened the reach of the social network and helped marketers reach an even wider audience.

Mashable reports that Arvind Bhatia, a stock market analyst, recently set $50 as his price target for the company in the upcoming months. He predicts that Facebook will continue to roll out new advertising initiatives that will increase its revenue and its reach — expanding opportunities for marketers at the same time.

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