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13 Lessons We’ve Learned by Running the Content Standard

In February 2014, we relaunched the Content Standard to help define, redefine, and educate readers on best practices in content marketing strategy.

Since then, we have focused on taking our own advice—eating our own dog food, in marketing parlance—by going back to the basics of content marketing. We often emphasize the power of original content, but before the Content Standard relaunch, we weren’t fully practicing what we preached.

The Content Standard team recently held a webinar in which we pulled back the curtain on how we manage our editorial calendar and connect storytelling to ROI. We received a lot of humbling feedback, but attendees wanted more of the story—they wanted to understand the challenges we faced initially and why we made the decisions we did in relaunching the Content Standard. We’ve been documenting our steps and processes this entire time. Here’s a chapter breakdown to catch you up to speed:

  1. Why We Combined Two Sites into One Web Content Management Strategy” (Combining Media Properties)
  2. How to Find Out What Your Audience Really Craves” (Social Listening)
  3. Reimagining SEO to Reach a Targeted Audience” (New SEO Strategy)
  4. How to Design a Content Hub with User Experience in Mind” (Design)
  5. Influencer Marketing Is Only Influential if There’s a Human Connection” (Influencer Marketing)
  6. You Have a Great Strategy but No Content Creators to Execute It” (Content Creators)
  7. What We’ve Learned from Being Accepted into Google News” (Google News)
  8. Social Media Marketing for Lean Creative Teams” (Social Media Marketing)
  9. The Bounce Rate Is Too Damn High in Our Content Analytics” (Content Analytics)
  10. A Content Marketing Strategy Must Always Come Full Circle” (Data Analysis and Planning)
  11. The Content Standard: The Year We Fell in Love with Our Audience” (Case Study Results)
  12. Finding Balance in Digital Publishing” (Paying Homage to Journalism in Marketing)
  13. How We Transformed from Content Marketers to Editors” (Marketing Team Transformation)

This series highlights the progress of our own content marketing strategy as a way to give you a benchmark to strive toward with your own program. This is by no means the end of our journey; it’s more of a way to keep us grounded, show you how we overcame a lot of the same challenges you’re facing, and highlight how our content marketing platform played a role in this transition.

Content Strategy Growth Starts Now

Every marketer in charge of his or her company’s content program must learn how to overcome top challenges and prove return on investment from his or her decisions. I know it’s constantly on my mind here at Skyword. But as a marketing team, we have had many “ah-ha!” moments that pointed us in the right direction, and each one has paid off. At the end of this series, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle some of the obstacles that are preventing you from becoming a content marketing champion.

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