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Foursquare Brings More Visibility to Businesses’ Events


When Foursquare introduced its Explore tab back in January, it helped find the most interesting places nearby. The new functionality combined the usefulness of apps like AroundMe with the social aspect of checking in and leaving reviews, creating a one-stop shop for those who like to network online and out on the town.

This past week, the mobile app announced a new function that further enhances the user experience; businesses are now able to add events to their profiles, giving users a better idea of the happenings in their area. This option has been available to music and sports venues since 2011, but now every business, from your local bookstore to the neighborhood bar, can make their event calendar listings available, according to the official Foursquare blog.

Offering examples like trivia nights, wine tastings, book signings, and open mic nights, the app says it will show users a list of events that your business is hosting, which will be shared upon check-in. Events will also appear in a user’s history, so they never forget what a great experience they had.

Additionally, Foursquare recently added a Trending section in its Explore tab that shows where the most people are checking in. With an events listing in the mix, users will know exactly why a venue is trending and will be encouraged to join in on the fun.

This is the second step in Foursquare’s events evolution, introduced in August 2011. If the new function proves to be successful, events could eventually be recommended to users based on their check-in habits, giving marketers more incentive to publicize events via the app and offer interesting and fun things to do.

Content marketers hoping to benefit from this new capability can encourage users via their other social media channels to check in on Foursquare and spread the word (especially through contests). Simply having this information out for all users to see will help draw people in when they’re nearby. Utilizing existing functions like Specials in addition to events gives users more incentive to choose your business, as well.

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