From Today to 2015: Facebook Marketing Facts Not to Forget
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From Today to 2015: Facebook Marketing Facts Not to Forget


With every news cycle, there seems to be another piece touting the demise of Facebook. However, those regularly engaged with Facebook marketing understand the continued importance of the social media website. According to Simply Measured, a social media analytics firm, Facebook still has 1.35 billion active monthly visitors—1.12 billion of which are active on mobile devices. While times are indeed changing when it comes to promoting social media content, there’s still some light at the end of the blue-and-white Facebook tunnel. Here are a few data-supported facts you shouldn’t forget in the new year:

WARSZAWA, POLAND - APRIL 01, 2014: Hand holding iphone with loging in Facebook app. Facebook the largest social network in the world.Brands Still Love Facebook

Simply Measured combed through the Facebook activity of the Interbrand 2014 Top 100 Brands and found that 97 percent of them still have Facebook pages, 91 percent of which post an average of once per week or more. Combined, the 100 companies have amassed over one billion fans, with 16 percent of the brands having more than 20 million fans. And there are still new, creative applications being built with Facebook marketing in mind. Take Amazon’s recently launched Surprise! app, a Facebook-powered application that sends e-cards and Amazon gift cards easily from mobile devices and connects with users’ Facebook accounts and calendars.

Facebook Ad Pricing and Demand Will Increase

Attention on Facebook is valuable, especially thanks to the “filtered feed.” Attention spans are small as it is—with less space and more content, Facebook has to teeter-totter between good guy and bad guy and decide which posts are engaging and worthy.

“Facebook decided that the best way to entertain and inform users was not to show them a reverse chronological list of everything posted by everyone they follow,” wrote Josh Constine of TechCrunch.

With an unfiltered feed, brands with “mediocre marketing messages” would drown out the important life moments and brands users actually care about. Even with feed filtering, as reach continues to decline, the demand for promoted ads and posts will increase—and so will pricing. Earlier this year, Adweek reported that Facebook ad pricing from Q4 2013 to Q1 2014 was up 10 percent. Forbes has even deemed the increases in Facebook ad pricing one of the seven top social media marketing trends that will dominate in 2015.

More Ad Dollars Are Going Toward Retargeting

AdRoll’s State of the Industry: A Close Look at Retargeting and the Programmatic Marketplace says retargeting to consumers will be a high priority for marketers in the new year. According to the study, “71 percent of marketers studied intend to push up to half their marketing budgets toward retargeted ads in 2015.” The reasoning for this push was clear: “Retargeted campaigns using Facebook pushed 2.18 times more conversions, 2.84 times more impressions, and 3.05 times more clicks than campaigns that didn’t use retargeting.”

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