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Get New Content Marketing Ideas with Top Charts from Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the most important tools for search engine optimization, providing a detailed look at what interests Internet users every day and how those interests evolve over time. Brands depending on this vital information for content marketing can now make use of the tool’s Top Charts, a new feature that lists the “most-searched people, places, and things,” according to the official Google blog.

More than 40 categories, such as cities and movies, make up top 10 lists, which are updated each month. Clicking on a certain item will bring you to its history, showing how many months it has been on the charts since 2004, and which regions have the most interest. Conveniently for those building their keyword strategy, Top Charts also provides a list of related terms.

The people, places, and things that rank in the top 10 charts are a great starting point for new SEO strategies. Chart items are determined by various related searches, so marketers can begin with the main keyword and see which search terms surrounding that item are the most popular.

“When you look at a chart of sports teams and you see the Golden State Warriors, those rankings are based on many different related searches, like [gs warriors], [golden state bball] and [warriors basketball]. That way you see which topics are most popular on Google Search, however people search for them,” the blog reads.

While this new feature enhances the benefits Google Trends has for content marketing, some may find that Top Charts information may not be as timely as they’d like, since lists are updated monthly. However, since search history and popularity-evolution data is included, these charts can also give savvy marketers a leg up on the competition by showing which topics are up-and-coming.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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