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Google Named Most Shared Brand of 2012


Google’s newest future-tech announcement, Project Glass, not only wowed viewers but also made a huge splash with their “Project Glass: One Day” video which showcased a near-future setting with Google Glasses replacing smartphones and tablets. It made such an impact in social media that Google has been crowned “most shared brand,” according to data collected by Unruly Media.

It should be no surprise that the technology giant was able to bring in big numbers on Facebook, Twitter, and all over the blogosphere. The video itself was shared 5.89 million times between January and November of 2012. That’s nearly 500,000 more times than Nike, most shared brand runner-up, which saw 5.47 million shares on its own videos during the same time frame.

Falling behind Google and Nike for the number three spot was TNT, number four was DC Shoes, and number five was Red Bull. Surprisingly, Google’s Project Glass video was able to beat out the highly viral Red Bull and its “Stratos” video of the record-breaking space jump and other viral videos, which brought in a collective 3.79 million shares.

This is an interesting showcase of the power of social media marketing and search optimization that Google has and continues to dominate in this landscape.

It also shows that, regardless of where the brands stand on the list, that users are more likely to share highly creative and unique content than some sales promotional video. Though the “One Day” video for Project Glass is an advertisement, people were compelled to engage because it still told a story, which is something that is much sought after when it comes to social sharing, as reported by HubSpot. The SEO for the video also more than likely helped, being linked and shared throughout Google search and all the major social networks and blogs.

Others are able to mimic for their own success, but, Google won this year’s battle of the most shared brand fair and square.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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