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Google Releases YouTube App Update to Accommodate Larger iPhone 5 Screen


The YouTube app update for the iPhone 5 has been updated this week to accommodate the device’s large screen. The new update is optimized for both the iPad and iPhone 5.

Users can watch YouTube content, search for videos using voice search and query autocomplete, subscribe to channels, read user comments, enable subtitles while watching, and share videos via social media. It also includes the new ability to stream videos via Airplay, customizable playlists and clickable links in the video descriptions. Additionally, users can now tap a logo to open channel guides. Videos will begin more quickly and stream with fewer errors, a Google blog post notes, and the VoiceOver function will improve accessibility in the new YouTube app update.

“Just in time for the holidays, now you can download or update the YouTube app,” writes YouTube software engineer Horia Ciurdar, “With a look designed for the iPad and iPhone 5, enhanced AirPlay support, videos that start faster and play more smoothly, and improved accessibility with VoiceOver. Enjoy Tastemade on iPad in full screen glory, or hours of flipping through Ryan Higavideos on your iPhone 5 or iPod touch.”

The increasing demand for mobile video demonstrates a need for further integration of content optimized for all devices. In fact, a quarter of all YouTube viewing now takes place on mobile devices and this is likely to increase.

These new updates demonstrate the importance of mobile video for content professionals across the board. Users are moving more and more toward mobile video viewing on YouTube, with one quarter of all video views coming from mobile devices. With faster mobile broadband connectivity, more people are now switching a lot of their YouTube viewing time to mobile and watching videos on the move. As connectivity becomes faster and cheaper, more will do the same. Updates like this one are important because they not only improve the user’s experience, but they also enhance the creator’s product, allowing the content to be viewed on multiple platforms and reach a wider audience.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

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