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How a Writer Workshop Improves Your Content Marketing

When you’re reading a great piece of brand content, it’s easy to overlook the person who made that piece so captivating—the brand journalist. Without brand journalists, content marketing wouldn’t exist; after all, these people are the core of any successful program. But how do you keep freelance brand journalists engaged and motivated enough to continue producing quality content for your brand, months and even years after launch? By having a writer workshop!

Imagine this scenario—you’re a little over a year into your content marketing program and you notice that while your strategy has shifted, the content being produced has not. This scenario recently arose with a Skyword client, and here’s what we did to fix it:


This client’s particular program has been live for more than a year and recently went through an overhaul that included both a relaunch of its website and a shift in its strategy. The client was looking for a way to reengage the newly consolidated team of writers in an effort to evoke excitement as well as ensure proper execution of its new content strategy.


Skyword often holds team-building programs to foster chemistry among stakeholders. In this case, we decided to hold a writer workshop with all eight writers of the program, the client, our internal editorial team, and the program managers. This gave us the unique opportunity to have all members of the content creation team join together in an open forum to discuss relevant questions, concerns, and program direction.


To ensure a successful workshop, we felt it was important to sync up with the client beforehand and nail down the formatting details. Since the writers don’t get much regular interaction with the client and other writers on the team, we felt it was essential for the client to lead part of the discussion, as well as leave ample time for writer questions. The writer workshop format was broken down into the following parts:

  • Introductions: The introduction part of the workshop included names and photos of every member of the content creation team, including the client, Skyword, and the writers. Allowing everyone the opportunity to personally introduce themselves helped humanize the workshop and to break down the barriers that often occur when you’re only communicating via technology.
  • Client Lead Discussion: Following the introductions, we had the client participants take the lead to discuss all the exciting new changes and enhancements to the program and their vision for 2014. The idea behind this part of the workshop was to get the writers excited about the future of the program, as well as allow for a deeper understanding of the vision.
  • Performance Metrics: The Skyword team then joined the client for the next part of the workshop, which included examples of top performing articles from the first quarter of the year as well as highlights of best-in-class articles, titles, leads, and formatting. This section was the focus of our workshop, and its purpose was to get every person on the same page for successful content creation and brand expectations. This particular program has significantly evolved from where it was one year ago, but up until this point, the writers weren’t fully synced up on all the shifting elements.
  • Q&A: We left a solid block of time for questions and answers at the end of the workshop, but had also encouraged writers to ask questions throughout the presentation. The writers took full advantage of the Q&A, and used it as an opportunity to iron out any confusion regarding program guidelines and content creation.


One of the writers described this workshop as “invaluable.” The client, for its part, referred to the workshop as “useful” and “inspiring.”

These responses are often what we hear from clients and writers during our workshops. The content creators felt as if they’re given a voice in developing a corporate marketing strategy, and the client benefits from new, fresh ideas.

From Skyword’s prospective, holding a writer workshop is crucial for content marketing success. It allows every member of a team an opportunity to be heard, become reinvested in the program, and fully grasp client expectations. To have a successful program, it is essential to have everyone on the same page and to fully understand a program’s vision, which is exactly what these workshops grant. Since holding this particular workshop, we have already seen improvements to articles submitted as well as an overall communication improvement throughout the entire team.

To learn more about Skyword’s platform and how you can revitalize your organization’s content, request a demo today.

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