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Imgur API Update Offers Visible Potential for Content Marketers


An upcoming Imgur API update offers new tools for developers, allowing them to control almost every aspect of their hosted images. According to CEO Alan Schaaf, “building our image hosting business alongside our image sharing community means we’re looking at the long-term goal to be sustainable and not reliant on any single revenue stream.” Coming so soon after their massive user content update in October, the API expansion offers companies another way to access the photo sharing site’s 1.2 billion daily image views; good news for any content marketer.

Imagine All the People…

Looking at your content. A recent TechCrunch article examines the Imgur application programming interface (API) update, which allows developers control of everything from image uploads, accounts, and albums to managing voting and comments; it also permits user logins from third party applications via OAuth2. Non-commercial use will be free for all, with commercial use for developers requiring only a request and approval. So far, the site has already issued 10,000 API keys, and the update is still in its beta stage.

The sharing site has also partnered with Q&A website Stack Overflow and now with Mashape to help drive revenue to its new API. This means commercial use “at scale” – unlimited uploads and multiple pricing plans for small, midsize, and enterprise level companies.

Take a Look

Imagery in content marketing is nothing new; iconic brands are iconic in large part because of the images they bring to mind for consumers – take Coca-Cola or McDonald’s as obvious examples. But translating that kind of recognition into on online format isn’t always straightforward.

Facebook, for example, stands as the largest image gallery in the world, well ahead of even the Library of Congress or sites like Flickr, Instagram, or Pintrest. But most of the photos on Facebook aren’t doing a thing for marketers; they’re pictures of users, pets, or landscapes. Although these images attract attention from site visitors, they’re typically not part of a larger strategy.

A recent Business to Community article shores up the need for images in content marketing, however. Data shows that 40 percent of people respond better to visuals than plain text, almost half of customers rank a website’s design as the most important factor in determining credibility, and posts with videos attract three times the amount of inbound links than text.

Fitting In

Imgur’s API update offers a way to integrate the power of 1.5 million image uploads per day with mobile and desktop applications. Instead of the photo wilderness that is Facebook and its myriad user profiles, the “Simple Image Sharer” does a single thing: share images. It also provides a real-time sampling of the Web’s most popular images, making the developer API a hot ticket for any content marketing strategy.

Images attract attention; the right images improve content’s effectiveness. The new API update offers a revenue stream for the sharing site, but also an opportunity for developers and marketers. Instead of simply sharing photos, companies can share photos with a tie-in to applications and take advantage of a billion-plus visitors per day.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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