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Inq Mobile’s MATERIAL Personalizes Content based on Social DNA


London-based Inq Mobile announced Wednesday the beta launch of MATERIAL, a free content discovery service that delivers personalized news and videos to smartphones based on the user’s social DNA. According to the company, the new app changes the way users find new material.

The app learns what a user’s interests are based on their social networking. Users simply sign in to Twitter or Facebook and MATERIAL delivers content based on a user’s social activity – social DNA. MATERIAL employs a proprietary algorithm to a user’s social activity, including their comments and who and what they follow, to prepare a customized, one-of-a-kind menu of content, or editions, twice a day. That content is visually rich and also easily shared on social networks. The more a user uses MATERIAL, the more it learns about his or her interests. Users may also add additional topics of interest.

Founded in 2007, Inq Mobile is a social mobile company with a hip edge that connects social networks with mobile devices. The new service maps users’ preferences to deliver personally relevant news and videos. According to the company website, the service is predicated on the notion that people spend too much time searching for things to read, instead of actually reading.

“MATERIAL pores over millions of pieces of content to deliver the perfect combination that you will find entertaining, interesting and informative,” says Ken Johnstone, CEO and co-founder of Inq Mobile. The beta version of MATERIAL may be downloaded free as an Android app from the Google Play store. iOS and web versions are expected later this year, the company reports.

Content marketers should consider how such programs are an opportunity to connect with users. By shaping content according to desired user profiles, or social media practices, they may be able to get noticed, and forge meaningful connections. The app also draws attention to the importance of making sure content is formatted for mobile devices.

Image courtesy of Inq Mobile.

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