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LinkedIn Showcase Pages Allows Companies to Reach More Users


In a recent blog post, LinkedIn revealed its latest feature for businesses, LinkedIn Showcase Pages, a new content-sharing tool that allows companies to share information tailored to specific areas of business with their followers.

Companies using LinkedIn will be able to create Showcase Pages that they can use to exhibit specific segments of their business, reaching particular customers. “Interacting with Showcase Pages is easy,” explained Aviad Pinkovezky, LinkedIn monetization project manager. “These pages are all about content, so by visiting a Showcase Page you can quickly get up to speed on the latest updates.”

Cisco, for example, has already utilized the new features, launching three new Showcase Pages—Enterprise Networks, Security and The Internet of Things. HP, Adobe and Microsoft have also designed Showcase Pages for certain brands and company divisions. Each page services a particular industry interest with relevant updates on products and services posted regularly. A company can have up to 10 pages.

Users can now subscribe to more niche interest pages, rather than an entire company account. This function gives content marketers a new avenue to reach more highly targeted audiences with more focused content, as well as the analytical tools to keep tabs on what content is working.

What really sets LinkedIn Showcase Pages apart from regular company pages or group pages is the option to advertise on these pages, opening another ad revenue source while providing more specialized content.

Showcase Pages are free to build, but companies that have registered for premium services can promote them through sponsored updates. The feature is currently being rolled out by LinkedIn, so it may not be appearing on all accounts just yet, but will in the coming days. If you are a company administrator on your organization’s LinkedIn page, you can set up pages by going to the ‘Edit’ drop-down menu and selecting ‘Create a Showcase Page’.

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