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New App Puts Easy Content Marketing in Small Businesses’ Pocket


Small businesses have a new easy content marketing tool that allows them to quickly generate content and spread it across social media networks — all from their smartphones.

Glyder is an iPhone app which makes creating micro-sized pieces of content and sharing it across social media networks very easy to do. Users can select one of several eye-catching templates to quickly get a message started, and then simply add their text and photo. Once done, business owners can share their content via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, email, SMS, MailChimp and Passbook, with more platforms expected to be added in the near future.

In private beta since August and released to the public in November, the target market is very small businesses, such as boutiques and local restaurants, that want to produce content and get it spread across social media platforms, but lack the wherewithal and expertise to design and distribute content effectively.

About Glyder

The San Francisco-based company was formed in 2011, headed by OpenTable co-founder Glenn Allen. According to Allen, “the reality is that getting a marketing message created and distributed is hard and small businesses just don’t have the time or the expertise to do it frequently enough.” After speaking with hundreds of business owners and seeing the same issues crop up, Allen and partner Alan Wells, a former Zynga mobile designer, developed Glyder to improve the way small businesses communicate with their customers.

The app is available for free, with extra color and layout variations and distribution options available for $0.99 each from the App Store. The company does not plan to release a version for the Android at this early stage.

How Content Marketers Can Leverage Glyder

For content marketers seeking a quick and easy way to build up a portfolio of content, Glyder might prove useful. The app can be a painless way to keep an audience engaged while major releases which take longer to prepare, such as white papers or blog posts, are produced. In this case, Glyder would fill in the gap with something more robust than simple tweets, helping to keep a brand top of mind with just a few key presses.

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