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New comScore Measurement Tool Aims to Deliver a “Unified View of Web, Smartphone and Tablet Audiences”


Leading digital measurement firm comScore has announced a US-only beta release of its new product, Media Metrix Multi-Platform. In a press release, the company announced that the new product will account for “today’s fragmented media environment.” Making use of the popular Audience Analytics suite, which encompasses mobile, video, and media measurement products, this new multi-platform approach will scope audience size and demographics from websites, apps, and other multimedia content accessed from multiple platforms.

“We are excited to introduce our beta version of Media Metrix Multi-Platform, the next generation in digital audience measurement offering a unified 360-degree view of digital consumer behavior across platforms and content types,” said Jeff Hackett, comScore Executive Vice President.

He said that the increase in international usage of smartphone and tablet devices has led to a quickly expanding share of digital media consumption.”By developing proprietary methods to account for multi-platform audience overlap, we have designed a truly unique and innovative solution.”

The new product is expected stay in beta over the coming months, with a wider release likely next year.

New Measurements for a Multi-Platform Internet

Measuring and analyzing digital media across various platforms will have impact on how the Internet is currently understood. The web is evolving at a rapid pace and so are the types of devices from which it’s being accessed. This new product aims to provide a picture of what this multi-platform audience looks like.

Currently Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, and IBM’s Coremetrics provide solid and reliable data sets. Most of these analytic tools perform reasonably well, but struggle to measure the various entry platforms for users. The new Media Metrix Multi-Platform has an ambitious aim and, if successful, will not change the way web audiences are currently measured, but will expand current methods.

While it presents an overall view of the web, the product does not track social media usage and trends. Content marketers look at web analytics on a daily basis, but often use other apps for measuring social media discussion. Until a tool is developed that encompasses both, this trend is likely to continue, no matter how many platforms the software can measure.

Photosource: Wikimedia Commons

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